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Where are you located?

I am located in Willimantic, Connecticut, but for weddings and elopements I am often traveling to MA, RI, NH, ME, VT, and even internationally for destination weddings! I'm honestly up for traveling anywhere, and I will keep travel costs as low as possible for you!


What if we're awkward in front of the camera?


Oh my goodness don't you worry about that! So many people say this, and actually most of the faces you see throughout my website had been worried about looking awkward. But that's my job to help you feel comfortable and look natural in your photos! I think I am pretty good at this as I know how to give direction that sets you up to look good yet without looking too boring/stiff/posed. I much prefer the real smiles, giggles, moment, and emotion!! 


What should I wear to a photo session? 


See my outfit tips, HERE.

When is the best time to take photos?


My favorite time of day to take photos is during golden hour! That'd be the 1-2 hours before the sun sets. Shady areas are better earlier as it gets dark sooner, whereas by the ocean or in open fields it's nice right up until sunset. 

Do I have to order prints through you? Are all the full quality images included for download?


All photos I edit will be included for you to download (no watermark!) and print as you please! I do highly recommend ordering prints through my professional printing lab (which will be super simple to navigate through my online photo gallery), but it isn't required, you're free to print anywhere. The difference in quality is big though when it comes to ordering through a lab versus CVS/Walgreens/Snapfish/etc., so just keep that in mind especially for your favorite framers!

For weddings, how do you manage both photography and videography?


I have 6 arms! Just kidding, I will bring a team (2 videographers and an associate photographer) t0 make this possible. I have several friends in the industry that help me at my weddings and I help them at theirs. It's really nice to all work together because we share a cohesive vision and know how to help each other and not get in each other's way! I include a discount for combining both, so it will save you money to book us as a team rather than hiring 2 separate companies. Plus it will save you time communicating and will give you a similar artistic style since I edit both myself.

Can we meet you before our wedding?


Absolutely!! I love to meet my wedding couples for coffee or during the engagement session to get to know each other more before the big day! If this isn't possible due to distance or crazy schedules, then we could always zoom or FaceTime at the very least!

Do you offer a 2nd photographer for weddings?

Yes! I love having a 2nd photographer with me for weddings. Not only is it a perfect back up/safety measure in case anything goes off plan, but it's also such a great addition to add a 2nd perspective, angle, and artistic vision throughout the day. It allows for a smoother and less rushed time photographing bride and groom preparations (happening at the same time, it ensures every special moment has a beautiful photo, it is less distracting during the ceremony since I don't have to keeping moving from side to side, and it overall will give you a lot more photos than if it were just me! My 2nd shooters are all professional who share a similar photography shooting style (and who is also fun to have around! Happy and creative energy only!)

What do you charge for weddings?

 The starting price for wedding collections is $3990, but the average investment is $4500-$7500 depending on the hours of coverage and the photography and/or videography services. Click HERE to see all investment options. 

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