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Hi! I'm Molly, and here's my story:

I graduated from UConn with a Bachelor's in Psychology and Speech, Language, & Hearing Sciences, along with a minor in Cognitive Science. My plan was to get a Master's degree and pursue a career as a Speech Language Pathologist... but that was just my "realistic/safe" career pathway. Since Highschool, I always loved photography and videography, and being a wedding photographer and filmmaker used to be some lofty "dream job" in my mind, not realistically the path for me- as a high achieving academic with parents who talked about "useful college degrees" and "successful jobs, not hobbies." But just 3 months into working a "normal job," I just knew that wasn't my best life. So rather than going on to graduate school, I decided re-direct my life towards a more fulfilling path of doing what makes me happiest and gives me the most freedom! Going all in as full time photographer & videographer was the best decision I've ever made, as soon as I put my mind to it. Never have I felt so fulfilled, so motivated, and so certain of what I want. Documenting beautiful memories of love and joy among newlyweds, couples, families, and friends has given me such purpose and happiness each day, and I love it. I am so grateful!

A little more about me:

I'm engaged! My fiancé is getting a PhD in neuroscience, so he's the introverted science guy and I'm the extraverted social butterfly. We live in a converted firehouse with our dog Maple, and Tylor proposed to me in front of our woodstove on a cozy winter morning- which was perfect because I love our home we created together. I painted all the walls very fun, bold colors and I love doing house projects when I find the time. Some other things I enjoy are swing dancing, hiking or running with Maple and Tylor, playing guitar, or planning my own wedding-- which will be in Maine on 8-5-23!


I can't wait to meet you!! Thank you for considering me as your photographer + videographer! 

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These are a few of my favorite things:


My girl Maple!

One of the best things about working for myself is getting to be with Miss Maple all week. She's always by my side, as I'm editing, emailing, and working on my business. She's also my adventure pal as well, we do it all together!

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