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What should you wear/bring to a photo session? Here are some tips!


  • Solid colors are usually better than patterns (in my opinion!) And bold/simple patterns are better than busy or small printed patterns. A small pattern print will just blend together from afar. So big wide stripes for example would be better than tiny stripes or a tiny checker pattern. If you are a couple or a family, 1-2 people wearing a pattern can look good if the others are wearing solids.

  • Try to choose a color palette that will compliment the environment and season we will be in. Choose a color palette such as "earth tones," "neutrals," "blue/beach tones," "pastels," etc. and each choose your own outfit within this theme. Don't match, coordinate! If you wear the same exact color you will blend together in the photos.

  • Think layers, texture, flowy materials... not requirements of course, but a flowy dress is always fun! 

  • Avoid logos, watches, and text. Take off those hair ties from your wrist! Leave your phones and wallet in the car, those pockets should be empty! (I can hold your keys in my bag).

  • Keep it simple, and comfortable. My photography style is pretty laid back, candid, and natural. We will be doing lots of movement in our poses, so wear something you feel comfortable and confident in.

  • Props: If you want to bring a blanket, this can be a cute addition to outdoor photos! Or, if you're comfortable with just sitting on the ground, that is just as good. Other prop ideas could include: flowers, champagne, picnic basket, books, or could even be things to represent a hobby you like (for example, roller skates or painting). I'm always up for being creative with any ideas you have!

More on COLOR:

You totally do not need to overthink this, because I am sure you will love your photos regardless! And seriously the most important thing is that you just wear something you like and feel confident and comfortable in. But if you are interested in extra tips on color, feel free to check out these links as well!

1. This photographer's comprehensive guide on color may be helpful for families or couples:

2. This article on color matching:

3. This photographer's full outfit guide is also very detailed and helpful:

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