Wedding Photography

Wedding Videography

A video is worth a thousand pictures.

 They allow us to re-live those memories- to replay your first kiss as newlyweds, to re-listen your love 's vows as their voiced cracked and a tear shed, to watch again how your lover smiled with joy as you danced for the first time as husband and wife...

Furthermore, video will encapsulate the emotion of the day from a whole new perspective, and you will be able to see things you may have missed- like your grandpa hitting the dance floor while you were mingling with other guests, or your parents' reactions as you say "I do." 

Another nice thing about a wedding video in this day in age, is that I will upload it online so that you can access it anytime and anywhere, and easily share it with friends and relatives who couldn't attend. 

People that I know who have a wedding video always promise it was worth the extra expense. 

The Wedding Investment

Unlike the food, the flowers, or the wedding venue, the photos & videos will last forever... and I passionately love creating the most beautiful documentation I can. 

Just Photography or Just Film packages begin at $2,300

Photo + Film Combination packages begin at $3,100

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One way to gauge your wedding budget priorities:

Everyone values photos and videos differently, and that is totally okay! I know wedding budgeting can be intimidating and costs will add up fast. However, your photos and videos are unique because they will bring you joy for the rest of your lives.


Think about this:  how much money do you spend on subscriptions like Netflix or Spotify? Or, do you buy a coffee every day? If the two of you each buy a $3 coffee every day, that means together you spend $2,190 per year on coffee, or that's $109,500 for the next 50 years. Or for Netflix, if you spend $14 per month on this subscription, that's $8,400 for 50 years. 


Now, imagine waking up and seeing a beautifully captured photograph of you two glowing in love from your wedding day. If you think that would bring you a smile or a happy thought, do you value this more or less than a coffee? And imagine being able to watch a cinematic film of your wedding every anniversary, and perhaps even watching it with your future children and grandchildren... Or imagine if your partner develops Alzheimer's and begins to forget significant events- but watching your wedding video together keeps the memory alive. Do you value this as much as you value being able to watch things on Netflix? 

If you answered yes, INVEST in this enjoyment and value that professional wedding photos and videos will bring! Spending $3-6,000 upfront may seem like a lot, and it is, but over the next 50 years, $6,000 is just $120 per year. Or 33 cents per day. That's each of you spending 16 cents a day to have beautiful photos on your walls AND a heartwarming video to watch- two gifts that provide an invaluable joy and reminder of the love you have- the most important thing you have in life (in my opinion!)...

But that's just my 2 cents! And I obviously value and cherish photographs and videos, which I know not everyone does. But this is just another perspective to keep in mind when setting your budgeting priorities!