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How to Prepare for your Engagement Photography Session | 5 Tips

February 28, 2023

Connecticut Wedding Photographer's Advice on How to Nail Your Engagement Pictures!

Engagement pictures are a once in a lifetime opportunity to celebrate and document your love as fiancés! These are not just pictures but beautiful memories that you will look back on for years and for future generations to come.

As much as you may be excited to take engagement pictures, maybe you are a little nervous as well. So I want to help you rid your nerves and assure that you will enjoy your engagement session if you follow these simple tips!

1. Choose a Location That Has Meaning to You

If you love hiking, choose a wooded trail or state park!

If you love gardens and perhaps are planning a floral-focused wedding, let's find a park with in-season flowers, or perhaps visit a greenhouse or botanical garden if it's not the right season outdoors.

If you got engaged on a boat, bring me on your boat! I am always up for anything unique, especially if it helps to tell your story.

If you have memories together in a certain place- perhaps a café, park, library, etc. - let’s go there or find a similar type of location! I love it when a couple chooses a place that is meaningful to them. Even if it means coming to your home, or scouting out the cutest coffee shop or book store, I support it because I know it will help you shine in the photos.

2. Don’t Hesitate to Bring Props

Whether that’s champagne bottle to pop, a little picnic set up with your favorite date night food, a musical instrument, books if you are bookworms, paint, or something that shows any other hobby or activity you like to do together. Or even just a bouquet of flowers to hold! (These are all just extra things to use and play around with that can add some more personality to your photos, but absolutely nothing is needed! Just bring yourselves if you’re not sure!)

3. Your Fur Baby is Welcome!

I know my fiancé and I love our dog a ridiculous amount and we don’t feel complete without her. If you have a pet you feel is part of your story- don’t be afraid to include them in pictures! You won’t regret it.

4. Choose Comfortable & Complimentary Outfits that Feel "Like You" and Fit the Location

First of all, wear something you feel comfortable and confident in! If you are casual people, there is no need to be formal! But if you love to dress up, don't be afraid to be "extra!"

These photos should be true to you.

When choosing outfits together, solid colors are best, and not too matchy-matchy or else you might blend together. For example, don't both wear the same color jeans and flannel. Try to choose colors that will go nicely with the color scheme of the location and season you choose.

I have an entire Outfit Guide in another blog post.

Avoid watches and logos and uncomfortable shoes (I love movement in my photos, so I might have you walking and dancing and even running around!).

5. Trust Your Photographer

Lastly.... trust your photographer and don’t worry about looking awkward or anything like that! Expect to have a fun, laid back session. Share your favorite playlist with me if you think that’ll help you feel more relaxed, and I can bring my speaker! I know it can feel weird to have a camera on you, but all my couples who worry about this ALWAYS tell me afterwards that they had fun and it was easier than they expected. And after seeing their photos, they are always delighted with how natural and happy they look!

Visit my website to learn more about my engagement and wedding photography, as well as wedding videography services. I would love to capture this special time in your life! I am based in Connecticut, but I will travel anywhere for love.

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