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What to Wear to a Couples Photoshoot

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

March 1, 2023 | TIPS

If you have a couples or engagement photo session soon, and you are unsure how to style your outfits, this post is for you.

The outfits you and your partner chose will influence the overall look and feeling of your photos, so being intentional about what you wear will go a long way.

I know how it feels to be panicking in my closet-- clothes suddenly everywhere, so don't save this decision-making for the last minute!

As a photographer who does many couples sessions, here are my tips on what to wear to your photo session

  • Solid colors are usually better than patterns (in my opinion!) Simple patterns will also work, especially if just one of you wear a pattern. But honestly, go crazy with a bold print if that's your style! First and foremost, you should feel authentically you.

  • Try to choose a color palette that will compliment the environment and season you will be in. For example, "pastels" in the garden, or warm earth tones for fall. Neutrals are always a safe choice.

Don't match, coordinate! If you wear the same exact color you will blend together in the photos. Avoid both wearing jeans, mix it up!

  • Think layers, texture, accessories, flowy materials... this will add interest and variety to your photos without even needing an outfit change. A long flowy dress is always fun to photograph!

  • Avoid logos, Apple Watches, and text. These will be distracting items in the photos. And please, take off those

hair ties from your wrist! Leave your phones and wallets in the car, those pockets should be empty! (I can hold your keys in my bag).

  • Keep it comfortable. My photography style is pretty laid back, candid, and natural. We will be doing lots of movement in our poses, so wear something you feel comfortable and confident in. Avoid high heels in grass.

  • Props: If you want to bring a blanket to sit on, champagne to pop, or a bouquet of flowers, feel free!

Although nothing is needed, it can be fun to add something to hold or represent you and your story. For example, if you one of you are a bookworm and the other a musician, bring your books and instrument! Other ideas include roller-skates, going to an ice cream shop, painting or picnicking, or of course-- bringing your pet!

I hope this gets your wheels spinning on what to wear or bring to your photo session. But seriously, the most important thing is that you wear something you love and feel confident and comfortable in! Don't be afraid to be too "extra" if you love to dress up, or very casual if you prefer.

If you are in Connecticut or New England and would like to book a photo session with me, check out my portfolio or contact me here!

-Molly Mia Photography & Film


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