Hi, I'm Molly.

I just graduated (2020) from the University of Connecticut, with a Bachelor's in Psychology and Speech, Language, & Hearing Sciences, along with a minor in Cognitive Science. My plan was to go on to earn a master's degree and pursue a career as a Speech Language Pathologist... however... as much as I think that would be an enjoyable option, there is nothing I love more than photography and videography. So instead of going to graduate school, I have decided to just go for it- to shoot for my dreams- and become a full time photographer & videographer! You only live once, right? So why not re-direct my life towards a more fulfilling path of doing what makes me happiest?! So yeah- that's what I'm doing- and I am LOVING it. Thanks to you all for supporting my art and my business! 


So... a little more about me:  I'm 22, I live in Willimantic, CT in a converted firehouse with my boyfriend Tylor & our dog Maple, and I love a lot of things haha. When I'm not behind the camera, I am swing dancing, painting, playing piano, cooking, hiking with Tylor and Maple, or editing your photos & videos! 

If you are interested in portrait photography, please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions! I'm totally open to any ideas- from creative experimental portraits, to the most simplistic and natural photos. I can accommodate to your preference of style, location, changes of clothing, and time of photoshoot. However, I do have a personal style of bright and natural photos that you can get a feel for on this website. I aim to capture the unique beauty and personality within people. I love when my photography shows who people are and what they love- whether it's a photoshoot at the library reading books, in the woods hiking, or even just home in your living room with your family.

If you are interested in videography (for weddings, love stories, business, advertisement, or events), just shoot me an email so we can chat details. If you'd like, we could plan a coffee date to discuss your vision. 

About my WEDDING Photography & Videography:

The day I photographed my first wedding in 2017, I knew I was made for this job. I have a good sense for when to stay on the sidelines to not interfere with a special moment, yet I also know how to direct a crowd for family photos, and when to make my way into the middle of the action- like on the dance floor to capture some really fun shots! I love to smile and incite natural happiness in others. I also love to capture the true essence of people in their candidness. My approach is a photojournalist one for most of the day, but I will pose, direct, and prompt my couples for the portrait session. This is all true for both photography and videography. 

I'm very excited to be filling with weddings for 2021 & 2022! So if you are interested, please inquire sooner the better. But I often have last-minute openings and availability so even if your wedding is very soon- reach out and see if I am free!

Also, I love to travel. Send me a message if you are thinking of a potential wedding beyond good ole Connecticut. Whether that's Maine or Mexico, on a mountaintop or a beach, I'm up for the adventure!

Or, feel free to call or text 


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Contact Me:   +1(860)287-5107

Based in Connecticut, USA