Although I've had a longstanding interest and passion for creating videos and telling stories, I have more recently began pursuing this interest and practicing my skills at a more professional level. My portfolio is scarce, but my eagerness is ample. Here are some videos I have made so far, but if you have an idea or request, please do not hesitate to reach out to me with a proposition. 

Wedding Videos

A video is worth a thousand pictures...

    Wedding Videos are invaluable... Yes, pictures are beautiful and great for the walls, and yes of course they can remind us of wonderful memories... but videos have the unique power to tell stories. Videos allow us to re-live those memories-- to replay your first kiss as newlyweds, to hear your spouse tell you vows of lifelong love, to watch your lover tear up with happiness as you dance for the first time as husband and wife... Furthermore, a video will encapsulate the emotion of the day from a new perspective, and you will be able to see things you may have missed-- like your grandpa hitting the dance floor while you were mingling with other guests, or your parents' reactions as you say "I do." 

    Another nice thing about a wedding video, is that I can put it on youtube for you to have easy access to watch it anytime and anywhere, and to share with friends. 

     People that I know who have a wedding video always assure it was worth the extra expense. Make the special day remembered forever, and ask me to be your videographer!

Proposal Videos

To remember that incredible moment forever!

     In this simple yet sweet film, I pretended to be photographing for the captain's website and marketing, while actually I was sneaking some footage of this romantic date on the Mystic River. (Afterwards, she said I really did have her fooled!) When the moment happened, I captured it for them, and put together this cute little video as a lovely memory. Music, wind, and soft voices would have required a hidden mic for the audio to have retained, but Raymundo did not want to risk giving away the secret. In different circumstances, audio would be easier to capture. 


For your social media, your website, a youtube link to share anywhere...

     What's more eye-catching and memorable than a video? Here is an example of a promo-video that I made for the UConn Swing and Blues dance club. It was posted and shared on their facebook page, and over 900 people have now watched it. According to the club, they have used it to advertise for events and it has been successful in bringing more people to the club.

     Do you have a club, workshop, class, or event that you would like advertisement for? Ask me about how I can help you with a short and effective promotional video.


Promote your business with an informative video, or a short and sweet commercial.

     This video was made to introduce a new chiropractor to Barnett Chiropractic and Massage in Groton, CT. This video was made for their website and facebook page to spread awareness of their growing team and expanding advantages of that, and also to advertise the business. 

     If you are interested in a similar kind of video, or something more like a commercial, send me a message and we can brainstorm together.


Just documenting life as we know it...

     This is a video about "A Day in the Life at Miss Cathie's Daycare." The purpose of this video was to show a typical day at Miss Cathie's house. It was a great end of the year video for the parents and for the children. Miss Cathie also uses it to show parents who are curious in sending children to her daycare, and it is helpful at the beginning of each school year in promoting herself and showing what she does. 


Have any other ideas? I'm up for anything...

       What are your ideas? Tell me your vision, or tell me your purpose and I can help to build a vision for the video you desire. Whether it's a video of your family just for good memories, a music video for your awesome band, or a video of your talented dance skills that you want to show to world...  Send me a message and we'll go from there.

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